As of September 19th, Azantian Literary is closed to unsolicited submissions. All queries sent during the open submission window will be responded to.

Please check back here or on Twitter @jenazantian for updates on when we will be reopening. Requests from conferences, conventions, and contests are still accepted.

Jennifer is aquiring only subgenres of science fiction and fantasy as well as smart, psychological horror for middle grade, young adult, and adult readers.

Jennifer reads and responds to every query that comes in. If you have not received a response after six weeks have passed, feel free to send a follow-up message.

What, Where, and How to Send Your Letter:

To submit, send your query letter, 1-2 page synopsis, and first 10-15 pages in the body of your email to Messages sent with attachments will not be opened.

Jennifer does not require exclusive submissions, however if you are sending your work to only her, please include EXCLUSIVE in your subject line. Similarly, please note in the subject line if your project is REFERRED by an editor, agent, or client, or REQUESTED from a conference or convention.

How to Format Your Letter:

Subject Line: Query, TITLE, by Your Name

Dear Ms. Azantian,

[2-3 paragraphs in the third person that tells me about your project in a way that showcases your writing ability and style. Think back-cover copy or the inside flap of published books.]

[1 short paragraph on any published works (not necessary if you don't have any)]

[closing/wrap-up sentence]


[First 10-15 pages formatted in 12 point font with spaces between paragraphs]

[1-2 page synopsis]